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Custom Scanning and Printing

Wide Format Scanner Bed is 5 x 8 feet

Printing is 15 cents a square inch and is based on the image area. Up to 2 inch borders are included at no cost. Larger borders will be charged at the 15 cents a square inch price.

This price includes the choice of house stock of archival paper or canvas.

Canvas is available in matte or gloss. UV Coatings are recommended for canvas prints, and is available for an additional 10 cents a square inch.Sufficent borders are included for stretching.

Specialty papers can be had for an additional cost.

Price includes scan,color correction, Hi Resolution file and a JPEG on a CD or DVD, a small color corrected proof print on paper or canvas, and an archived file at Heartland Printworks.

All scans are color corrected by hand using the original work for reference.

Additional DVDs with files are - $25.00 each.

Minimum print charge- Prints under 8 x 10 inches have a base charge of $10.00 each.


Up to 26 inch x 59 inches - Small


Can include more than one artwork or object as long as they meet the critia listed


Up to 36 inches x 59 inches -Medium


Can include more than one artwork or object as long as they meet the critia listed.


Up to 48 inches x 59 inches - Large


Can include more than one artwork or object as long as they meet the critia listed.


Full Bed scan

59 inches x 96 inches


Larger artworks can be scanned - Consult with us about your needs.

When Scanning Multiple Objects in One Scan

Scanning can include multiple pieces of artworks within the above sizes to reduce costs but must meet the following critia to do so. Exceptions exists so it is best to discuss each project with us so that we can give you an accurate price for scanning and printing.

1. Artwork/objects must be the same height so that an accurate focus can be established.

2. Multiple Artwork/objects to be scanned all in one scan must all be flat without warped surfaces.

3.Artwork/objects must have the same texture so that we can set up the lighting for the best possilble scan.

Additional Information

3-D objects up to approximately 8 inches in depth can be scanned.

We have successfully scanned paintings up to 23 feet in length.

Oversize - Call us for a custom quote for your project.

Scanning and Printing are two separate areas. Clients may chose to have scans and prints or scans without prints being made.

We also print directly from a client's digital files.

Download a PDF of Our Price List.


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